JUST PUBLISHED: The 10th Anniversary Edition of UNTIL the ROBIN WALKS on SNOW

UPDATED: 6/27/2023
PUBLISHED: 12/10/2022

Hello Everyone,

I am so pleased to announce the publication of the special 10th Anniversary Edition of UNTIL the ROBIN WALKS on SNOW. It is a tribute edition to my uncle, who was the advisor on the original edition of this book, originally published in 2012 as a 90th birthday gift for him.

About 70 pages have been added (as well as an icon on the lower left corner of the front cover to distinguish it from the original edition).

Two important story elements discovered since the book was first published have been threaded into the birth story. This 10th anniversary edition’s Dedication, Afterword, and expanded Author’s Notes respond to the many readers who have asked, “What happened to the characters after the birth story ended?”

Each time readers have asked that question over the last decade, it has brought a rewarding moment to this author and to my uncle (who passed in June 2022). We both have appreciated that readers became attached to the characters and this remarkable story, inspired by a real event that took place in Norwichtown, Connecticut, much of it during the 1922 Christmas season.

Readers of the original edition often say they found this to be a wonderful wintertime read. So, pour yourself a cup of tea, glass of wine, or equivalent and enjoy this story when the flakes are flying.

If you’d like to read a sampling of reviews, search my name on Amazon books and bring up reviews for this newest edition, and also for the original edition. As of this writing, the initial edition has 88 ratings and/or reviews, with a 4.2/5.0 average. I am grateful that most readers have loved the original edition, and hopefully readers will appreciate the additions to story and background found in the new 10th Anniversary Edition of UNTIL the ROBIN WALKS on SNOW which became available in December 2022, exactly a century after the micro-preemie birth event.

At this time, the new 10th Anniversary Edition of “Robin” can be purchased at Amazon. 3Houses is a small Indie publishing company. If you love the new edition, please share a rating and brief review on Amazon or Goodread, at the edition description shown below. ┬áThank you in advance. BLR

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