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Until the R
obin Walks on Snow:

Tenth Anniversary Edition

Readers will learn more about the amazing birth story in this tribute edition published in December 2022. Two important story elements, a fact and an artifact discovered in the past decade, have been threaded into the 2012 novella. The new edition, 70 pages longer, provides answers, too, to the frequent question by readers, “What happened to the characters after the birth story ended?” READ MORE about this new edition…

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The Ponemah Years:
Walking in the Footsteps of my Mother

Readers have said:
“unusual memoir”
“a tender telling”
“humorous and poignant”
“filled with photos
“well researched”
“writes with such beauty”

This is Gabrielle Picard’s story of becoming a weaver in the 1940s, and her daughter’s journey to know her better. In a narrative memoir (with interwoven biography, history, and family portrait) the story unfolds with 184 images from more than 10 decades. MORE about this book…


Until the Robin Walks on Snow
Inspired by a true story (this is the original 2012 edition)

Readers have said:

“remarkable story”
“truly inspiring”
“a time when most tiny babies were lost”
“gives a human face to the immigrant experience”

It is 1922. In a farmhouse in Norwichtown, Connecticut, a tiny baby is born. He weighs 1-1/2 pounds…. An immigrant family and their midwife are determined to save this newborn, despite overwhelming odds. This story about survival, faith, family, and friendship, takes place during the holiday season and includes Lithuanian and Polish Christmas Eve traditions. Author’s Notes follow the story and offer further information about the facts, family history, and research behind the story. MORE about this book…