“Beating the Odds”
by Pacific Northwest Photographer W.H. SIM
(On serendipity, survival, and life’s surprises…)

By way of introduction to “Beating the Odds” …my brief reflections ahead of the links – BLR

I think we do not fully recognize how often serendipity presents opportunities in our lives. With each decision we make, large or small, additional possible paths emerge before us — if we notice them… Isn’t it amazing sometimes where the paths lead!

WEATHER Sky Front3 e IMG_1599 copyRecently, I met W.H. SIM, a Pacific Northwest wildlife and nature photographer, and graphic designer.

We met on Twitter, right at the point I was leaning…  toward starting a shop on Zazzle.

Meeting her was like a gentle nudge of encouragement from the universe. The message seemed to be: why not try it… take an author friend’s suggestion to put up your photos that so many people seem to love…on a site that transforms visual art into products?

9780985682200 Until the Robin Walks on Snow COVER 1000x1600 - sized 30 percent copyAs we became acquainted, she decided to write a short piece on her blog about meeting me. What a nice surprise it was…

Well written, energetic, and dense with information and links, the piece introduces me and my book, UNTIL the ROBIN WALKS on SNOW, notes a recent family milestone to this survival story based on family history, and offers a peek at my newly opened Zazzle shop, 3Houses.

CLICK HERE to read “Beating the Odds,” this beautiful blog piece by W.H. SIM — my friend, Hui.

“Hui” opened her own Zazzle shop about six months ago and was familiar with the slew of how-to things one needs to learn when embarking on a project like this. She has been a patient and congenial guide for me, probably halving my learning curve. I so appreciate everything she has done to help me learn quickly. I am honored to share this creative path with her.

WHSIM-annas-mother-to-be-hummingbirdIn the process of getting to know Hui, I fell in love with her photos, especially this one of a hummingbird (left) — an expectant mother hummingbird!
© W.H. SIM. Used with permission.

To visit Hui’s Zazzle shop, WalksWithNature, featuring spectacular wildlife photos on all sorts of great products, click on the hummingbird photo (left) to see her fabulous WWN Collections or CLICK HERE to browse by her product types.

You are in for a treat at both links!


“Beating the Odds”
by Pacific Northwest Photographer W.H. SIM
(On serendipity, survival, and life’s surprises…)